••• how to make a flower crown •••

Here are some instructions on how to make your very own, real flower crown out of wildflowers.🌻🌼

Step 1. Find a big patch of wildflowers. Buttercups work really well because their stems are pliable, which is what you want. Daisies would be great too.

Step 2. You want to make sure you’re going to have enough flowers for this project. 40-50 is enough to make a good head-size. (Yes, I counted.)

Step 3. Pick flowers that have good, long stems. 7-8 inches, if you can.

Step 4. Take your starting flower and hold it horizontally with the petal end on the left.

Step 5. Get another flower, and lay it over the first flower to form a cross-shape. The petal ends should be close to each other and perpendicular.

Step 6. Bring the long stem of the second flower up, to the left, and put it behind the stem of the first flower.

Step 7. Now cross the stem of the second flower over the same flower close to the head. Both of your long stems should now be pointing to the right. You now have the beginning of your flower crown.

Step 8. Continue doing this, making your crown longer until you think it’s big enough. Then attach the ends together with one more flower and weave the stems together.

Step 9. Put it on. Ta-da! There you go! Now that you’re a royal fairy you can go and walk through a meadow, drink in the sunshine, sing The Hills Are Alive with your arms out!

Okay, gonna go do that, bye!

(Sound of feet)

(Door closing)

skinny girl ~

“She’s too fat”

No, I can’t say that

But they can tell me

I’m too skinny

What’s wrong with the way

I was made to be

This isn’t something I

Work hard to keep

If you only knew

It’s tough for me too

Just like the rest of you

I have a standard

I can’t meet

••• social distancing greetings alternative to handshakes and hugs •••

• Bowing or curtsying (it’s what they did in the old days. Let’s bring it back)

• Hat tipping (works good if you have a cowboy hat. Yeehaw)

• Waving (hey it’s basic)

• Vulcan salute (Live long and prosper)

• Air high five (may be awkward but you can pull it off)

• Hunger Games three-fingered salute (the four note whistle adds a nice touch. May not want to kiss your fingers though)

• Army salute (if you’re going for real patriotic 🇺🇸)

• That Indian bow with hands together (a cultural spin on the first option)

Feel free to add to this if you can think of any more social distancing greetings. I didn’t add any verbal salutations in this but it always works to just say hey, of course.

And remember, when using these greetings please keep a good six foot distance.

••• reasons why I like star trek tos •••

• the primary colors theme

• the first four notes at the beginning of the intro

• that annoying stick-in-your-head-able music they cue in every single fight scene

• cheesy 60s “special effects”

• the crazy wigs

• little sassy russian full of pent up frustration

• that weird facial lamplight in close up shots

• every soft surface is either shiny or sparkly

• the amazing fact that all the aliens they meet just happen to speak english

• jim kirk ok

• the corny alien costumes

• ill-tempered blue-eyed southern doctor


• the colorful play-doh squares they call food

quotes quotes quotes

• the klingons instead of having that gross bumpy forehead like in tng they just look like mad asian dudes

• stunt doubles that don’t resemble the actors in the slightest

• proud scotsman complete with kilt and some very very very old scotch

• one sassy vulcan and one grumpy doctor always bickering

• the lighting

• the aesthetic

• everything